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Refresh and Renew your skin with this All Natural Organic Sugar Scrub. Gently exfoliate dead skin away with this sweet touch. This Scrub gives you a phenomenal awakened feeling, with Fresh hand roasted coffee beans paired with Organic Brown Sugar and Raw Organic Cocoa Butter it smells amazing, while giving your skin so many great benefits helping with aging, dark circles, cellulite and more!


What makes this scrub even more special is the coffee is made traditionally with freshly hand roasted coffee beans, a method I was introduced to and learned from the beautiful Eritrean culture.

The history of this Eritrean tradition is to bring people together, enjoy each others company, and/or celebrate an event. There is time, love and a lot of intention put into this while they also get to spend time together, its beautiful.
I hope you feel the extra love put into this while it is being handmade for you.


Ingredients: Premium Hand-Roasted Organic Coffee Beans, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Cane Sugar, Raw Cocoa Butter, Pure Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Vanilla Essential Oil.

Buna Delight - Sugar Scrub

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