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Lilac Love Collection

The complete All Natural Yoni package

Start with your Lilac Love soap bar followed by the Organic Sugar Scrub, pat dry and oil up 🥰

-Aids in reducing menstrual cramps

-Anti-inflammatory properties

-Alleviation of menopause symptoms

-Heals and hydrates skin.

-Prevents ingrown hairs

-Powerful antibacterial ingredients work to discourage bad bacteria, effective against yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (BV).

-Traditionally used to increase sexual desire

-Relief from stomach ache / gas

-Sooth hemorrhoids

***Do Not Use While Pregnant because contains Clary Sage***

Soothing floral scent

*External use only*

(Yoni oil is now in a different bottle, not pictured)

Lilac Love Yoni Collection

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