Organic Rose Water
Made with Organic chemical free rose petals. Lightweight and amazing for many things. Full of the amazing natural scent of roses, light yet vibrant.
Use on skin and hair. A great additive to topical skincare routine.
•Sooth skin irritation
•Reduces skin redness
•Great for eczema and psoriasis
•Balance skin PH level
•Helps to prevent and treat infections
•Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory
•Heals scraps, cuts, and burns
•Enhances moods
•Helps relieve headaches
•Helps to tighten and refresh your face when sprayed throughout the day
•Anti-Aging properties
How to/Uses:
•After shower/cleansing to add moisture back to the skin
•After sun exposure to promote healing
•After shaving / waxing to sooth
•Before applying a moisturizer
•To set makeup
•Spray on hair to reduce dryness and add hydration
•Add to scalp to reduce dandruff
•Control excessive oil
•Help with frizz
Rose Water vs Rose Hydrosol:
Rose Water is scented water made with infusing and simmering rose petals while Rose Hydrosol is the aromatic water that remains after steam-distilling of roses consisting entirely of cellular botanical water.
2oz or 4oz spray bottle
Ingredients: Love, Organic Rose Petals, Distilled Water, essential oils (optional)
Shelf life: (can be stored in a cool, dry space or in the refrigerator for a more cooling experience)
Rose Water - 2 weeks
Rose Hydrosol - 1 month

Organic Rose Water

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