4/8 inch White Sage wand tied with 100% cotton string.

Sage can be used in rituals of cleansing and healing. Remove negative energies while creating a space for healing and positive energies to restore balance

White Sage

  • Sage has been used incorrectly lately which is causing a shortage, Please use responsibly.

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"This Moisturizing Glow Serum, let me tell you it works wonders and I wish I would've took pictures of before and after. I been having red spots all over my face and now I use it every morning after I wash my face and the red spots have pretty much gone away and it makes my lips super soft. It really helped me a lot."


"My body is loving every single product I have purchased from you! Soaps, butter, & oil."


"Glow Serum gave my face life again, especially with all the prego hormones I have going on & the healing body butter has done wonders for my two year old.